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TANIK HOTEL İZMİR Our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Declaration

In these challenging times we dealt with Coronavirus (COVID-19), which affects the world and our country and threatens human health, as Tanık Hotel İzmir; Our guests and customers & nbsp; health is our most important priority.

From the very first day, pandemic coronavirus has been used. We follow closely, take our precautions and share our information through different channels. When we overcome this moisture, we would like to share with you the measures and reminders we have taken / will take for the sake of being together in health and peace in the days we have created and created.


We prepared a plan for Covid-19 and hygiene practices and prepared protocols for the procedures to be followed for all departments and units in the hotel division in the house of these plans.

Arrangements indicating social distance were made by drawing lines on the grounds in reception and areas with intense human activity.

Protective clothing and equipment were provided. In addition, the masks, hand disinfectants, general area disinfectants and cleaning materials used have TSE certification and are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Preventive maintenance and repair of all installations and equipment used (energy, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning equipment, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, elevators, etc.) are periodically made by the authorized service or trained experts.

In order to eliminate the interaction of people in the waiting, resting and sitting areas in the lobby, foyer areas, the required social distance is maintained by minimizing the number of seats and chairs.

Tourists without masks will be given masks at the entrance of the hotel. A disinfectant unit has been placed at the entrance of the hotel. At the entrance of the hotel, the guests have cold fever. At the reception, guests will be informed in writing about the measures and practices taken on hygiene with Covid-19 and the rules to be followed by the guests.

The body temperature of the personnel during their arrival and departure is recorded and recorded. Measures have been taken. Personnel will be provided to get used to the same shift as possible.

Necessary warnings are made for the staff not to get together outside of work in order to socialize (celebration, invitation, dinner, etc.).

Among the family members of the clients living with, whether there is any symptom of Covid-19 or the travel information of the last 14 days abroad, the information about their travel abroad is followed up with a form.

The water heaters, television and air conditioning controls in the rooms will be disinfected when every guest leaves the hotel. During cleaning, separate disposable cloths are used for each room. The filters of the air conditioners are regularly cleaned, disinfected and recorded.

The rooms have been arranged for the use of disposable materials (shampoo, soap, shower cap, glass, plate, tools, etc.).

After the bedrooms are emptied, they are left empty for 6 hours as much as possible for a new use.

Empowered personnel are provided with personal protective equipment during room cleaning.

All textile materials such as bed linen, sheets and towels in the room of the guest diagnosed with COVID-19 are placed in separate bags and sent to the company where the washing service is taken outside the hospital or hotel, and the other materials are kept for 72 hours. to be washed as.

During the production and presentation phase, personnel who are accustomed to food and contact with food will use personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and gauges, surgical masks, caps, shoe covers, etc.) during the exercise. Disinfectant mats are used at the entrances of the business.

In the eating and drinking facilities, the personnel use personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and glove, surgical mask) while getting used to it.

Hand sanitizer is available in the entrance section of each food drinker unit.

The social distance range has been marked by taking into account the possible accumulations at the entrance of the all-eating and drinking units.

There is at least 1.5 meters distance between tables in restaurants.

Service equipment in food and beverage areas are dynamically disinfected.

Even if all materials offered to the service are not used, they are washed and disinfected again.

In the event that open shafts are repaired, hygiene and social distance measures will be taken to prevent contamination. It will be ensured that the food in the bar is taken by the guests and the food requested by a visitor will be given to the guest by taking the necessary precautions for their contact with the food.

By wearing a conventional mask with complaints of fever, malaise, shortness of breath and the like, they will be isolated from other workers in the workplace and informed to the authorized units.

We apply the fine spray method (ULV) using disinfectants that have been approved by the Ministry of Health, proven to be effective on viruses and bacteria and are not harmful to human health. This aerosol mist application ensures the destruction of microorganisms and viruses suspended in the air in common areas and adhering to surfaces.

Guest toilets and rooms are disinfected with ozone devices used for air cleaning.

The Housekeeping Department, which ensures the cleaning of the rooms and common areas, pays special attention to the lobby, restaurants, bars, all public toilets, and systematically cleans the public-open areas. In addition, there are elevators, door handles, stair handrails, reception and guest information desks and equipment, televisions and telephones in the rooms, and powerful. It continues to be cleaned with disinfectants.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water up to your elbows, often for at least 20 seconds.
  • Just disinfecting your hands is unfortunately not enough, clean all your electronic items (phone, laptop, ipad, earphone, charger, etc.) regularly with disposable wipes & nbsp;
  • Even if you are at home, the ambient temperature should not be kept too high, the humidity should be controlled. Ventilate your environment often
  • Postpone home gatherings, café meal appointments, coffee socializations, and stay home until your next warning.
  • Avoid touching your eyes and eyes. Liquid droplets can spread to different places (door handles, handles, computer mouse, keyboard, handkerchief, elevator buttons, glass, handrails, etc.).
  • Do not share your meals, personal belongings and towels with anyone. Viruses can last up to 24 hours on items.
  • When opening and closing doors, use your elbow or shoulder instead of your hands if you are able to do so.

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